The London Cancer Hub

Working closely with the stakeholders to design and develop a layout that works, Kastnerlab used their skills and expertise to complete a fantastic project for the new Innovation Gateway in Sutton.

The London Cancer Hub

The London Cancer Hub

The London Borough of Sutton and The Institute of Cancer Research, London, are leading partners working to develop the London Cancer Hub.

The vision is to create the world’s leading district for cancer research, treatment and commercial enterprise – a vibrant community of scientists, doctors and innovative companies, supported by state-of-the-art facilities.

We have just completed the fit out of the new Innovation Gateway. Around 6,300 square feet of incubator space at the heart of The London Cancer Hub, the Innovation Gateway offers high-quality laboratory, office and collaboration space for a range of innovative companies working in areas of the life sciences related to cancer. There will be a particular emphasis on accommodating start-ups, spin-outs and small teams from the biotech, medtech, data science and pharmaceutical industries, and the fit out was completed with this type of company very much in mind.

The creation of the Innovation Gateway is a significant step forward in realising the vision of The London Cancer Hub, which is projected to create 7,000 jobs in the life sciences and contribute £1.2bn each year to the UK’s economy.

Kastner, the laboratory division of McFeggan Brown, worked closely with the stakeholders to design and develop the layout, then completed the renovation of the building and installed new fume cupboards, gas lines, and smart laboratory suites, a new passenger lift and areas of collaborative and office space.

Canteen and breakout facilities provide the opportunity to collaborate or enjoy a change of scenery. With the fit out now complete, the centre is welcoming its first tenants.

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