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Laboratory Renovation -10 Signs You Are Ready For A Refurb

Posted September 12th, 2023

Renovating a laboratory is an important decision that should be based on careful assessment and planning.

Here are 10 signs that a lab is ready for renovation:

Why Is A Trespa Work Surface The Best For Your Laboratory?

Posted September 8th, 2023

We believe in giving our clients the best in the market!

Unlike other laboratory fit out companies, we provide a complete lab design solution. So, whether you’re relocating laboratories or refurbishing your existing workspace, we know that to meet these objectives, it is vital to understand your laboratory needs. When designing our spaces, we factor in the best materials that we know will last for a long time, these include Trespa work surfaces…

Trespa is a popular choice for laboratory applications due to several key advantages it offers:

Leading a Laboratory Refurbishment

Posted June 27th, 2023

Leading a laboratory refurbishment in the UK involves overseeing the process of renovating or upgrading an existing laboratory facility to meet specific requirements, enhance functionality, improve safety, and comply with relevant regulations.