Ducted Fume Cupboards

Kastner ducted fume cupboards are manufactured to a high standard and come in a wide range of sizes. Cupboards can also be made to your specific requirements to fit into a specific space in your laboratory. All units meet the requirements of BS EN 14175 and are available with vented storage cupboards underneath if required.

Ducted Fume Cupboards

Kastner can supply and fit a range of ducted fume cupboards to satisfy any laboratory requirement from a single ducted cupboard to a row of ten or more in a variety of sizes. Our experienced and knowledgeable installation team are able to arrange for the ducting to an outside wall or rooftop depending upon your lab location and requirements. Where additional custom panels are also required these can be fabricated to fit your measurements perfectly and finish off the installation for a streamlined, clean finish.

Kastner – your first choice for laboratory benching design, supply and installation.

Send us a sketch of your requirements and we will build a custom cupboard for you. Choose the number and locations of gas, water and power outlets. We’ll create a set of drawings in PDF format for you to approve before we manufacture.

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Key Features

  • Wide range of sizes
  • Double skinned metal construction
  • Polypropylene options available
  • VAV option (variable air volume)

In-house expertise


Our installers are competent to assess the scope of your ventilation requirements and specify an extraction system that meets your needs. They will also advise on an air management system if required, to allow air to enter the laboratory to balance the volume of air extracted.


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Tailor-made to your requirements

You can specify the services you need for your application, such as large or small sinks, taps, gas supplies and electricity points. A wide range of options are available including automatic sash and VAV controls, and the double skinned metal construction allows for all services to be conveniently mounted on the front of the side panels.

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Vented storage


Metal storage cupboards positioned underneath the fume cupboard support frame can be used for the safe storage of acids, chemicals or flammable solvents, and the storage cupboard is linked to the fume cupboard extraction system to avoid the build-up of any fumes.



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