Kastner Balance Tables

Improve the accuracy of your analytical balance or density measurement with a balance table. Choose from a permanent installation built in to your laboratory, or compact and relocatable balance weighing bench – a low cost solution to the difficulties experienced when your balance readings are affected by vibration, bumps and knocks.

Kastner Balance Tables

To read accurately, it is essential that analytical balances are used on a stable and vibration free weighing platform, and are located away from draughts and strong sunlight. Kastner anti vibration balance tables provide the perfect solution. A stable marble or granite slab 400 x 450mm is mounted on rubber anti-vibration mountings. Total weight of table and granite worksurface is only 55kg.

Kastner – your first choice for laboratory benching design and installation.

Key Features

  • Compact and relocatable
  • Granite slab supported on anti-vibration rubber mountings
  • Comes flat packed for self assembly

Built in balance bench - single installation

Ask us for a quotation to build a bespoke balance weighing area into your laboratory installation. A granite slab supported on its own independent framework with anti-vibration rubber mountings provides a stable weighing platform.

Built in balance bench - multiple installations

We can provide anything from a single platform to multiple position installations.



Freestanding balance table

The Kastner freestanding balance table provides an ideal solution to your needs.

Kastner – your first choice for laboratory benching design and installation.