Laboratory Benching

Kastner laboratory benching provides strength and durability – a sound investment that will give good service for many years to come.

Laboratory Benching

Kastner laboratory benching is available in a wide range of styles to suit your particular application. A-frame metal legs provide strength and maximum weight loading, cantilever frames provide a flexible, open layout, and suspended storage units allow for easy floor cleaning and aesthetic appeal.

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Key Features

  • A-frame for heavy loads
  • Cantilever framework for flexibility
  • Suspended cupboards and drawers

Robust framework with load-carrying capability

For heavier loads we recommend the A-frame style benching framework, this is either built-in sections with a modular rail between each leg frame or, more commonly, the Cleanline style is specified where the benching is finished at the front with a U shaped aluminium channel.

Cantilever leg frames

Cantilever frames have no leg at the front, but carry the weight of the bench and are fixed back to the wall. Often a combination of A-frame and cantilever leg frames can be used to open out the layout and make it more flexible. This allows for mobile storage units to be rolled underneath.

Suspended cupboards

Suspended cupboards and drawers are a convenient method of storage and allow for the floor to be cleaned under the units. This design has an attractive appearance but does not offer quite the flexibility of the wheeled storage.